Customer Testimonials

"We have been dealing with KRIZZ for the past three years. Their service is excellent. Whenever we place an order, we get very fast results. The finishing of the products are excellent. Nowadays, the trend is shifting towards lightweight ornaments. Youngsters prefer the new collections KRIZZ has launched.

KRIZZ comes up with exclusive designs for us. Such designs are available only at Joyalukkas.

KRIZZ B2B is a new way. If you get to see the ornaments in such a setup, you can easily choose what’s best for you."

Mr. Rajesh Krishnan
Regional Manager,
Joy Alukkas

"In the jewellery industry, customer service is very important and KRIZZ provides very fast service. We are 100 per cent happy with KRIZZ. Their designs are unbeaten. Their moulding and casting designs are very good and strong. Customers easily choose KRIZZ products.

The main positive aspect of the KRIZZ B2B is, we can go directly to their outlet as our customers come to ours. We can test the material and identify products that are suitable for the market."

Mr. Faris
Malabar Gold and Diamonds,

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