Message from the CMD

KRIZZ was launched with a vision to transform gold jewellery manufacturing forever.

When we started out, we realized there was a startling inconsistency between the ultimate value of gold jewellery and the conditions under which they were produced — unorganized manufacturing setups, where people worked under dark and squalid conditions.

We believed that people who designed and manufactured the jewellery were as precious as the ornaments themselves.

That is why, for the first time in India, we streamlined and automated the manufacturing process. We decided that like every other sector, jewellery manufacturing would have to embrace cutting-edge technologies to shine forth.

Our employees have at their disposal the best global technological knowhow. Also, they are trained by the best technicians from around the world about systems and processes that have now become unique to KRIZZ.

At KRIZZ, every role is defined and every function mastered. Our employees are provided adequate protective gears, clean and sanitized workspaces, a huge, well-stocked canteen and a dispensary within easy reach.

All this contribute towards our renowned consistency in output and quality, which are reinforced through a combination of precision engineering and continuous innovation.

Quality for our customers and quality of life for our employees – KRIZZ is all that and more.

Bhupesh Jain,
Chairman and Managing Director